Assignment Three _ Super Post

The one unforgettable day…..
An unbelievable strategic tragedy, the one saddest, horrifying and unforgettable day for the America and the world – the September 11.
The World Trade Center which was once the world’s tallest buildings were completely destroyed and vanished into the ground in just hours.
For the sorrow and emotionally attached, our “digilism” are very keen to find out what the replacing buildings would be and how it looks like.

The World Cultural Center, though came in the second place in the competition, our group believed this design should win and deserved to be built through its advance design features and concepts which are true to its place and history. Saying is easier than doing. We will use our team’s collaborative skills, our research, knowledge and with the adding of Crysis software tool to prove that this building deserves to be built, to serve the American and people all over the world.

As its name suggested, the World Cultural Center’s design concept is all about “culture”, the thousands of people from different cultures around the world who had lost their lives and were affected by the tragedy.
To achieve our goal of a completed project, these six factors must be achieved: Architecture (the building itself and its main features), environment (the busy Manhattan site and its surrounding buildings, roads), vegetation (material and texture of the buildings and ground, trees), lighting (time of day, skies and clouds) and interactivity (people and vehicles).

The building itself is the most important part and the most difficult ones to do, not only modeling it but also importing it from 3D Max into Crysis. The main focus of the building is its enormous size and height, it’s steel structure skeletons which represent the twin towers, the Exhibition space, the sky garden and the stairs which will never be used as they were to represents how many people have died on the site.

Each member of our team was assigned on a specific task/s and a time frame to be completed on time. Though different person were focusing and doing different things but we had all tried our best to help one another, giving ideas and advice, encouraging one another. In the end, it’s not an individual task, it’s a collaborative ones. A goal has been set, and we were making our way to working together to achieve that goal for the best outcome we could possibly get. There were 2,750 steps to reach to the top, we were holding hands and have fought all obstacles along the way, now we have reached the top of the building. We are there!

Final Video Trailer

Collaboration Video Trailer

Ten Stunning Photographs
The World Cultural Center and the surrounding buildings

Perspective view of the building from a far

The environment of the entire map

The towers, framed with steel structure and glass walls

Resemblance of the Twin Towers

The 2,750 stair cases representing the number of people died in the September 11

Wandering around the stairs, view of the surrounding environmet

The Observatory Deck

The Auditorium



Assignment Two – Final Map Fabrication

Crysis Map;13720236;/fileinfo.html
Final Assingment Two Video

 600 Words

Our enemies have made the mistake that America’s enemies always make. They saw liberty and thought they saw weakness. And now, they see defeat. (George W. Bush, President of the United States)

The statement above is al powerful, spiritual and meaningful to the average individual not only in America but throughout the world. We feel for our chosen un built building which is the 2nd place competition winner for the well known World Trade Centre, which if this project would have won would have been world known as ‘The World Cultural Centre’ stays true to the statement a picture is worth a thousand words.
The name? Cultural, is the term that raises the meaning of this proposed building. When the old Twin towers were destroyed, thousands of people from different cultural backgrounds died. When this new building was re developed as part of the competition the redesign resembled everything that was lost in September 2001. The newly designed building incorporates a Performing Arts Academy, 911 Memorial Museum and meditation Sky Gardens.

Upon modeling this building the program 3ds Studio Max was used. It was evident upon the modeling of the building that a lot of effort and passion was used within the initial basis of the design. The most astonishing factor that was found was the stairs around the exterior of the building; although they were extremely difficult to model they are the main feature of the building. Although these stairs will never be used they were a memorabilia for the amount of people who died. With these stairs rapping around the building it shows that the building is built around all these memories and that no one will ever forget the horrific happenings in 2001.

Within our environment we focused upon the building as being the most important element and that is due to its size. Although we focused upon things in a smaller scale such as trees, people and cars, we wanted to focus in a lot of detail upon the materials of our surrounding buildings. To see our building in full it has to be viewed from a fair distance away, within that distance surrounding buildings are the only objects that are possible. After seeing many images from both maps and video shots from movies we had a detailed vision of what we wanted the material of our surrounding buildings to be, and this is effectively shown within the map.
Its one thing to have materials on buildings, but it is also very important to have these building at a correct scale and in the correct position, this is evidently shown within our map and has been possible due to various maps and tracing and building them within Sketch up.

A critical part of our map was to create a busy Manhattan situation. We discussed that this would be most evident and possible through the surrounding buildings and things from a larger scale but we also thought it would be important to create this Manhattan lifestyle from a smaller scale as well. In saying this we had great levels of difficulty but managed to import cars and have people to help accommodate with the city scope that we were trying to create.

The world Cultural Centre, was a perfect building for this assignment and as an overall summary for our team, it was great to build and great to create the world but it was interesting in the sense that the research we had to complete was very relevant to us all as it was a real topic that we all were passionate about. As mentioned throughout the whole research process this topic was a powerful one to complete and hopefully we portrayed the building in a world that the designing Architects would have envisioned the building to be.

Strategic Plan


As shown in the plan above it seems that we have everything worked out according to plan. As usual with any group project a time line that is made 2 weeks before an assignment is due, is always going to change. Our plan did not change that much, the only really problem we had was the fact that our main building model which was built in 3d Max, did not export very easily into crysis. Well that is an understatement it was so frustratingly difficult to export the model into crysis. This process held up the entire works. Although the model was completed a week before due date it wasn’t until the night, this process held up other processes such as the environment e.g. the sky gardens were rushed due to know time, we were also unable to get people walking around the stairs of the building and most importantly we were unable to test the transporters on the building as we simply ran out of time. In saying that we all communicated well and did try our best, its sad that some circumstances out of control effect the final submission.

10 Photographs












Collaboration Videos


“With every step that has to be climbed, a mountain appears”
That quote famously describes the progress of our model.

We are all working together well as a team and we are all communicating well, it is  just little things that happen that are out of our control that muck up the process of the project.

At the moment we are all frantically working our hardest to make the best possible model and we are all inputting into our final presentation. It is fantastic that we are doing all of this but at the moment there is no building within our model. We are having extreme amounts of problems occurring that aren’t allowing us to export our model. One model was converted and I was surprised that it was the whole model because our model is very complex, the only problem is that once it is opened within crysis it does not appear. Once this occurred the building was separated into pieces and we tried exporting it using that technique, again this did not work.

Jane imported all the surrounding building models using sketchup, so the building model was imported from 3dmax to sketchup so hopefully Jane can work her magic and get the building into the crysis that way.

Keep you updated.

Cool Features

Very very cool… Check out the pics below of the extras we are hopefully (when I say hopefully it means hopefully we can import) going to have within our model.

Such things such as yellow taxi’s, the Manhattan bridge and FBI trucks. Very cool.




Fingers crossed we can import these into crysis.

Studio Class – 30/04/09

Basically we can call this class the freak out class!! So much to do in so little time. It has become so evident that it doesn’t matter how prepared a group is or how much research is put into a project, there is always a feeling of anxiety within a project.

In today’s studio class we had a lecture which was found to be very useful. It was very ironic because within the lecture there was a mini tutorial on how to reproduce building models from google maps. It was weird because it was the main thing that we were lacking within our project.

As shown in our progress report timetable we allowed studio time as our meeting up time. During the last project we trialed the technique of not meeting up but communicating frequently. So we have chosen to go with that technique again. within crysis we are all familiar with different things i.e. building models, vegetation, environment. It appeared to us that one process could not be completed unless a previous process was so we found it to be more efficient to complete our work from home whilst sending the model through servers such as and As I was mentioning before our studio classes were used to show were we were at and what we had completed so far. The model was shown and we all seemed to be happy with it then we discussed the terrain and decided to stop trying to get the exact terrain from google earth, with the advise of Jeremy and Graham, Manhattan, is ‘flat’ and if there were any slopes or hills they were ‘flattened’ as well. So we stopped on that idea, it was a very smart decision as we were having so much trouble with it.

By the end of the studio class we had just confirmed the timetable, and tried to help each other out as much as we can. We spent most the class focusing upon the unbuilt model and how we could make more real life like.

Progress Report


Building Textures-

Group decided to stick with one building texture and apply it to all surrounding buildings which led to experimentation of the most suitable building textures that wouldn’t impact on the focus of the towers. The application of the chosen building texture to surrounding buildings would be done by not sharing the same properties because of the variation in size of buildings.

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Multiple textures were used on buildings because single textures caused the top of solids to have facades. Top of solid was assigned a separate I.D.

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Texture of tower to be the one material.

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Building Details-

Details such as doors and windows may need to be applied. Creating a solid then having it flattened allows the

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tech test

Adding cars and pedestrians.

I still need to find some good models of people and vehicles, not enough from the crysis library. I’ll also need to edit materials on those vehicles. Keep on practicing for now.


Assignment 2 Fabrication Plan

Digilism’s Fabrication Plan for Assignment Two


Our Design Fabrication Strengths and Weaknesses


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<!–[if !supportLists]–> <!–[endif]–>Collaboration of our work at the progressive stages of our development.


<!–[if !supportLists]–> <!–[endif]–>The design of towers are more of a square plan than rounded.

<!–[if !supportLists]–> <!–[endif]–>The towers and surrounding building did not look like they were too scale.

Other Teams Design Fabrication Strengths and Weaknesses

Team Atlar


– Area’s which are underwater wasn’t expected to have a very good outcome. Views looking out into the water from the underwater room look superb.

– Textures and moving objects look very real.


– Their project needs to be to scale

– More work may be needed on the surrounding above water environment

Team E-vovle


– Terrain well executed in accordance to brief.

– Detailing of underwater areas was good


– Entrance to well needs more work

– Lighting needs to be improved in underwater areas. It too dark.

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Team Omega


– The use of people to set the scale of design and the circulating space provided.

– The lighting of environment at different times of the day and its effects to surrounding environment.


– Landscape on surrounding building may need more detailing

– Trancparency of surrounding buildings may have affected shadowing


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